Andi's Gallery

Andi's Gallery was established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1990 as a fine art gallery and one of the founders of Asosiasi Galeri Senirupa Indonesia (AGSI) , representing the finest collection of modern and contemporary art. Home to the Indonesian art world, Andis Gallery aims to be a place of inspiration, through our collection, programs and exhibitions. Reaching the age of our twentieth, Andi's Gallery has brought synergy between the needs of the market and the discourse, having held numerous exhibitions and becoming one of the pioneered entities promoting Indonesian visual art growth, and will continually do so in order to represent artists to bigger art scenes.

Asosiasi Galeri Senirupa Indonesia

In 2010 - 2014, along with other AGSI representatives, we created an art center located in Grand Indonesia, namely Jakarta Art District. Activities included bi-weekly exhibitions in the main hall as well as occasional gatherings for artists, collectors and galleries.