Tio Tjay

Ti0 Tjay 

Tio Tjay was born in Jakarta in 1946.

In 1957, he joined in to a community of teen painter; Organisasi Seni Lukis Yin Hua under the lead of Lee Man Fong. In 1967, he traveled and stayed in Sao Pãolo and Amazon Brazil, where he kept on painting while attending one exhibition to another. In Brazil, he created a visual formula that assimilates the elements of Indonesia, Amazon, Brazil and China, which is reflected in his unique painting style. He went on the journey for years before going back to Jakarta and lived as a professional artist.

Tio Tjay’s unique pieces were exhibited in various countries from Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Brazil to Paraguay. Locally, the pieces are appreciated in exhibitions from various cities as well, from Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, and Balikpapan. Tio Tjay has participated in auction houses such as Christie’s, Glerum, Sotheby’s, Larasati, Borobudur, Masterpieces and others.

The array of the watercolor and oil paint of his got a positive response from critics on a worldwide level, and he is renowned as one of the members of the IAPA (International Association of UNESCO), which is the organization of ranging countries. His painting is collected by lots of institutions, like the Istana Kepresidenan Republik Indonesia to mention one.


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